We have to work continuously for eight hours without a meal break. There are no benefits and after a few years, you develop pain all over your body and there is no medical insurance. Do you want to remain cheap labor? Wake up crane operator drivers.

An ongoing strike by Hong Kong dock workers demanding a pay raise and protesting arduous working conditions is delivering a costly blow to the city’s port operators and winning widespread support from the public. A few hundred workers began to camp inside the docks on March 28, 2013 after Wing Fung Forwarders and Containers Service Limited, a major subcontractor for Hutchison International Terminals (HIT) which runs the docks, rejected their demand for a 100 Hong Kong dollars [12.88 US dollars] or 20 percent pay increase per eight-hour shift. The company countered with an offer of 5 percent, far below what workers expected. A survey among dock workers showed that they are willing to settle with a 10 percent ┬árise. The workers, some of whom work 24-hour shifts, said that they haven’t received raises since 2003 and their current salary is lower than what was paid in 1997.

Hong Kong Dock Workers Strike Against Long Hours, Low Pay

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