In the Internet age, the greatest long-term threat to a genuinely citizen-centric society — a world in which technology and government serve citizens instead of the other way around — looks less like Orwell’s 1984, and more like Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World: a world in which our desire for security, entertainment, and material comfort is manipulated to the point that we all voluntarily and eagerly submit to subjugation

China’s biggest e-commerce firm Alibaba Group announced  on April 29, 2013 that it would acquire an 18 percent stake in Sina Weibo for 586 million US dollars, a deal that could reshape the country’s Internet landscape. Sina Weibo is China’s most popular Twitter-like microblogging platform with over 500 million user accounts, but it has yet to find a profitable business model.

How Social Commerce Tightens China’s Grip on the Internet

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