Principals, spare the school kids, get a hotel room with me instead!

A Chinese activist was reportedly beaten and detained by local authorities in Guangxi province of China, a few days after she demonstrated in front of a primary school whose principal allegedly sexually abused six school girls.

Ye Haiyan stood outside the Wanning primary school in Hainan on May 27, 2013 holding a poster that read, ”Principals, spare the school kids, get a hotel room with me instead!”

 A photo of her demonstration circulated widely on Chinese social media, with many emulating the protest.

Later that week, after returning home in Guangxi from Hainan, local police officers had raided her home and were assaulting her while her daughter was present.

In less than one month, the local media have exposed more than eight cases of sexual abuse of school children. As far as the media reported, the molesters are school principals, teachers, and security staffs.


Chinese Activist Detained After Protesting String of Child Molestation Cases

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