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As the Tunisian election approaches, artists and citizen action groups are putting a lot of effort into get out the vote videos. Some are fairly cliché get out the vote videos (although, as Max Fisher at the Atlantic points out, that in itself is its own kind of impressive), and others are musical. I have a particular fondness for the music video Enti Essout put together by Tunisian singers. There’s also an awesome get out the vote ad by the Association of Tunisian Women directed at encouraging women to use these elections to stand up for their own rights in the post-revolutionary society. 

This one, however, is in my opinion, the best one out there. It’s brief, kind of chilling, and very affecting. In the video a huge poster of Ben Ali appears in La Goulette in Tunis, where people begin to mill around it, shocked, afraid and confused until a group of them finally decides simply to pull it down. The message underneath reads, “Beware. Dictatorship can return. Vote on October 23rd.” Wow.

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